By Brahmarishi Sri Mohanji
Brahmarishi Sri Mohanji

Since man became inquisitive about the cause of his existence and started looking for answers through contemplation, meditation and practicing awareness, gradually he came upon the existence of frequencies within and outside of him. Great seers, through years of penance and practices discovered that the whole creation is based on different conglomeration of frequencies. Human body is such a conglomeration. Each internal organ functions in a different frequency. A collective expression of all such frequency is called the human body. The earth around us also has similar frequencies. Every place has its high and low frequencies. The science of Vasthu is based on that.

The great masters of our grand tradition of liberation identified the existence of trillions of frequencies, discovered methods to assimilate them, align them, stabilize them and also make it useful for stabilizing human frequencies. Thus temples, idols and rituals were formed. Each idol represents an ideal which is a direct translation of a positive human ideal based on the aspects of human existence called Purushartha – Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha – The righteousness, Material support, Management of desires and Liberation respectively.

Every deity is a frequency. They all have their distinct flavour just like we do – as they are extension of ourselves. They are what we are. Our individual flavour is a distinct conglomeration of Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. Each of us is unique, authentic and original in this aspect or the mixture of the three gunas in us. So are the deities. Deities represent the state of gunas as well as beyond gunas as well. Every possibility of creation is induced into the form, frequency and energy of each deity. None are the same.

Powerful energy is induced with specific intention and instruction through specific mantra, chants as well as rituals, into specifically made stone idols made to preserve the induced energy for stabilizing the energies of the land and also to balance the energies of those who connect to it. They also prescribed ways to preserve the energies of the idols through daily rituals and worship methods so that the society around them can exist in peace and harmony. 

We used to have such family deities that are worshiped at home as well as village deities worshiped by the whole village separately. Even now, we can see in certain ceremonies, specific mantras are chanted to invoke both family deities and village deities. The end result for all this is harmony and well-being.

Great masters, to some extent, effectively controlled the excesses of nature through such induced frequency alignment. Just like our body, nature also is a living organism. It has its own high and low frequency fluctuations. Hence, just as we exercise our bodies and regulate our diet; through temples, they regulated the frequencies of the earth around it. 

The relevance of temples cannot be explained enough. Every idol is representation of a human dimension, a human ideal, emotion or possibility. Every idol is personification of energies which cannot be seen, touched or destroyed. When they exist and when they are preserved, humanity is preserved. Hence more temples and preservation of this culture of selflessness and understanding is essential for a healthy human existence in perfect harmony. Birth is karmic. Existence is karmic. Death is also karmic. How do the temples and deities help in this karmic journey? By providing grace or the energy support thus preventing the fluctuations of life to a great extent.

Time destroyed temples. The key reasons are human insensitivity, ignorance, invasions and greed. There is no point in dissecting the past that caused it. It is important to do whatever possible to reinstate the ancient glory of powerful temples for the sake of human harmony and peace. The minds that originally created temples have proved their supremacy over emotions and time through effectiveness of the structures and energies that still exist as reminders of past glory and unconditional harmony. Invaders destroyed a large amount of our past wealth. Whatever remains have stayed because of the efforts of a few people who knew, understood and acted on preserving it. Trustees or elected boards that run temples have not done anything significant to spread the message and glory of our grand wisdom. If the world knows anything about the wealth that the great masters handed down to us through generations, it is only due to the selfless and tireless efforts of a few inspired people, seers and masters who on their own did what they could for the preservation of our great tradition of perfect harmony, totally unconditionally. Most of the people who are born in Hindu tradition are not aware of the wealth of the tradition that they are born in. 

Apart from some highly necessary maintenance, most temples are grossly neglected and ignored even today. Hence I humbly invoke every practicing human of our great tradition of righteousness and truth (Sanatana Dharma) to join hands and reinstate, create, maintain and preserve the temples of our land and thus giving harmony and balance to the society around them. This will not only bring harmony in homes, it will also bring harmony into the country and even the world. The great masters who identified the existence of 33 crore dimensions of one huge, unfathomable energy as the source of it all, gave us the gift of these massive energy points (shakti peeth) on earth for the benefit of all beings of the earth. As human beings who can think and perform in synchronicity and discriminate between the necessities and the unnecessary, it is important for us to carry the legacy forward into the hands of the next generation, safely and effectively. We have to hand over a better earth to the coming generations.

I wish all the projects of this noble trust a great success.

With Love