“On building a temple of Sri Madhav one can
attain the eternal Vaikunthaloka”
— Vamana Purana 

Be part of the mission

Most of the Maha Puranas and also Srimad Bhagavat detail the merits of helping re-build temples that are in dilapidated condition.

Interested individuals / groups may volunteer to undertake any of the elements of construction either in part or in full. Every single contribution counts in a project of this magnitude. If you wish to be part of this noble endeavour, please send your contributions to the Bank account of the Trust below. If you would like to be a part of this Temple rejuvenation movement and are interested in receiving information on such future projects, please do send an email to sunil@kshetrapaalaka.org or connect on phone number
+91 96450 88996


Kshetrapaalaka Trust
“Sree Sailam”,
1/33, Capt. A. R. Nair Colony,
Palakkad – 678 013
Kerala State, India
Phone: +91 96450 88996
Email: sunil@kshetrapaalaka.org

Bank Account Info

Kshetrapaalaka Trust
Current Account No. 6592863344
Indian Bank, Palakkad Branch,
1st Floor, Malabar Fort,
Off G. B. Road,
Palakkad 678 001
Kerala State, India
IFS Code: IDIB000P010