Some words about us

Kshetrapaalaka is a registered charitable Trust established in Palakkad, Kerala with the sole objective of reconstruction and renovation of Hindu Temples that are in ruins. In the very first year of formation, the Trust undertook rejuvenation projects of 5 Temples in various parts of Kerala. It is estimated that around 600 Temples still lay in ruins in the State, which are mainly on account of two reasons. The Trust has identified scores of Temples scattered mostly in the northern part of the State which call for immediate restoration.

Necessity for Temples

Brahmarishi Sri Mohanji

By Brahmarishi Sri Mohanji

The relevance of temples cannot be explained enough. Every idol is representation of a human dimension, a human ideal, emotion or possibility. Every idol is personification of energies which cannot be seen, touched or destroyed. When they exist and when they are preserved, humanity is preserved.

Join our journey

Most of the Maha Puranas and also Srimad Bhagavat detail the merits of helping re-build temples that are in dilapidated condition. Interested individuals / groups may volunteer to undertake any of the elements of construction either in part or in full. Every single contribution counts in a project of this magnitude. I